Visas & Passports

Every person entering France should be in possession of a valid passport and/or identification card (except for members of the Euro zone).

Some countries require a visa. Please contact the nearest French Embassy or Consulate to your home for further information.

USA citizens who are staying for less than 90 days for tourism, business or family visit do not need a visa, but do need a passport with an expiration date of greater than 6 months after the travel dates.  

Further information on citizens of countries that do not require a visa to enter France may be found at

It is the responsibility of the attendee to determine if they need for a visa. The 8th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology and MCI can not be responsible for the validity or lack thereof for any passport or visa.

To request an official invitation letter for visa issued by the congress, please complete the questionnaire hereafter:

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