Opening Ceremony

Wednesday June 1

Amphitheater A, f
rom 19:00 to 20:00


 I. Entrance music

Swing Duo Bordeaux

II. Welcome and acknowledgment of the sponsors

Stephen White, WCVD8 Secretary

III. Welcome by Bordeaux mayor’s representative

IV. Music interlude

Swing Duo Bordeaux

V. Brief history of the World Association of Veterinary Dermatology, with a remembrance of Didier Carlotti, Peter Ihrke and Robert Schwartzman

Richard Halliwell, WAVD Representative         

VI. Words of welcome by Dr. Debora Trenti

VII Music interlude

Swing Duo Bordeaux

VIII. Announcement of the Hugo Schindelka award

Kenneth Kwochka, WAVD President

IX. Exit music

Swing Duo Bordeaux

An audio/video feed to Amphitheatre B will be available if Amphitheatre A is full.


The Opening Ceremony will be followed by a Welcome Reception to be held in the exhibition hall.